Awards: NMC Celebrates You

Purpose: NMC Celebrates you by fostering a spirit of celebration and recognition throughout your journey.

Core Value: Excellence

NMC Awards

Awarding our employees for their everyday passion and hardwork is what we are about! For more information on any of the awards that are given out please email,


Ruth Berggren Elliott Master Teacher Award is an annual award given to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching as determined by student’s. Students are to write a nomination letter that must address one or more of the following criterion:

  • Teaching Effectiveness
  • Student Engagement
  • Faculty Communication
  • Creation of positive learning environment

We are asking students to really reflect on all your learning experiences with the various faculty here at NMC, whether it be in an undergraduate or graduate course and in an on-ground or online course format. Write a nomination to let us know who and how you have been impacted by a Master Teacher.

Past Winners

  • 2017 Dr. Melissa Kimmerling
  • 2016 Sarah Shomshor
  • 2015 Abbie Hallgren
  • 2014 Dr. Heather Henrichs & Harsha Sharma


Exemplary Teacher The United Methodist Church: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry is an annual award given to an NMC faculty member to recognize outstanding contributions to the learning arts and to the institution as determined by the students. This award helps to express the church’s support of and appreciation for faculty who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, excellence in teaching, service to students and commitment to education.

Past Winners

  • 2017 Lori Shaw-Warren
  • 2016 Shannon Struby


Staff of the Year is an annual award given to an NMC staff member to recognize outstanding contributions in a co-curricular, support, or administrative function that helps to engage the student experience and is determined by the students.

Past Winners

  • 2017 Michael Schweikert
  • 2016 Victoria Campbell
  • 2015 Erika Pritchard
  • 2014 Michael Schweikert


Light of Wellness Award – Presented by WELLCOM

Past Winners

  • 2016 Melissa Kimmerling
  • 2015 Lisa Fuchs
  • 2013 Cathy Beck


Faculty Senate Peer Recognition of Teaching and/or Service and Scholarship is an annual award provided to a NMC faculty member based on excellence in teaching and/or excellence in service and scholarship as determined by the members of the Faculty Senate General Assembly. Nominees for excellence in teaching should demonstrate qualities that reflect NMC’s four key areas of teaching and learning; communication, collaboration, active learning, and respect. Nominees for excellence in service and/or scholarship should demonstrate qualities in a non-teaching role that reflect service to community, committee(s), research, and/or peers.

Past Winners

  • 2017 Dr. Heather Henrichs
  • 2016 Anna Nesheim
  • 2015 Echo Perlman
  • 2014 Colleen Steinhauser


The Horizon Award is the most prestigious recognition award presented by NMC Alumni Association. One alumni per year per category may be recognized for outstanding achievement in one of the following categories. An alum may receive the Horizon Award only once in their lifetime. Winners are honored at the Alumni Reunion Dinner in October. Horizon Award Categories:

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Education
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Volunteerism
  • Leadership

Past Winners:

  • 2016 Outstanding Leadership Paula Stapleton
  • 2016 Clinical Excellence Greg Opseth
  • 2015 Clinical Excellence John Plank
  • 2014 Humanitarian Andrea Staton


Honorary Alumni is bestowed on individuals who have adopted the College as their own through uncommon and outstanding service, substantial and continuing commitment, and loyalty. In recognition of the expressions of goodwill, the Alumni Association annually inducts those who are particularly deserving to be recognized as honorary members of the Alumni Association. Honorary membership in the NMC Alumni Association is reserved for individuals whose interest and service make such a membership significant. Honorary membership shall confer all membership privileges and responsibilities. Winners are honored at the Alumni Reunion Dinner in October.

Past Honorary Inductees:

  • 2016 Dr. Deb Carlson and Leo Adam Biga
  • 2015 Lee Harlan
  • 2014 Richard Hahn, Victoria Campbell, Dr. Roger Anderson

A Story That Matters

A year or two after I started, Deb, Dennis and I were putting the agenda together for Forum. They wanted to do something uplifting and special. They mentioned a set of videos that the College presented to all employees years ago, called “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” DeWitt Jones, long time decorated photographer of National Geographic, took what he knew of the world, combined with his positive look-at-the-world-in-a-positive-fashion point of view and created a series of videos. We showed the initial video at the January Forum, and continued a year of ‘celebration’ showing succeeding videos at the next three Forums, bringing the year to a close when we sponsored the final video at our first Forum at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

This initiative was so successful, the College continued that mindset, of Celebrating What’s Right. I believe this initiative helped people be in a place in which You Matter was a natural next step. This is the place I work. This is why I continue to work here. Every day we try to celebrate what is right with the world! -Cathy Beck