Helpful Resources: Your Next Journey

Purpose: We recognize and uphold the self-worth and dignity of each other and honor your next journey.

Core Value: Respect

Helpful Resources

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Working Progress, more to come soon…

  • Offboarding Checklist – When the time comes for you to find the next, highly-qualified addition to your team, follow the below to be sure that you have all the information you need.
  • Offboarding Checklist Key- Detailed information to supplement the above checklist.
    Exit Survey – Blurb and link
  • Knowledge Transfer – Instructions and link
  • Performance Manager – Allows managers to maintain job descriptions in a centralized location with change support provided by Human Resources, complete online performance appraisals based on the job description and receive automated email notifications when tasks are done.

A Story That Matters

In our department whenever someone decides to leave whether it be for retirement or a different job opportunity we always take time to celebrate the contribution they have made to the department and the college. -Amy Bliemeister