Helpful Resources – OnBoarding: Tools To Succeed at NMC

Purpose: Providing you with the tools to succeed at NMC, including understanding our history, mission and values, ensures a successful integration to NMC culture.

Core Value: Holism

Helpful Resources

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  • OnBoarding Checklist – When the time comes for you to onboard your new addition to your team, follow this guide to be sure that you have all the information you need.
  • Onboarding Checklist Key – Detailed information to supplement the above checklist.
  • Welcome Email Accepted Position – Email template to use for a new hire when the position is accepted.
  • Welcome Email First Day – Email template to use for new hire on their first day.
  • Collegewide New Hire Notification Email – Email notification to the college about your new hire.
  • Department New Hire Notification Email – Email notification to your department about your new hire.
  • Performance Manager – Evaluate each new employee at six months, as well as one year. This allows managers to maintain job descriptions in a centralized location with change support provided by Human Resources, complete online performance appraisals based on the job description and receive automated email notifications when tasks are done.


A Story That Matters

I joined the NMC family in Jan of 2017 and feel very blessed to be apart of an ambitious, positive, and supportive team of faculty and staff. The process of orientation and the continuous effort made by everyone to make me feel welcomed has been overpowering! My short time here has been incredible. I thank everyone for their kindness and support. -Isha Pandya