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Campus Overview

In September 2005, the new Josie Harper Campus of Nebraska Methodist College was opened, marking a major milestone in the history and development of Nebraska Methodist College. The Riley-Leinart Center, a 26,000 square foot building, primarily serves as an office building for faculty, staff, and administrative personnel. This center also houses some classrooms and a skills laboratory.

The Clark Center, a 75,000 square foot building, opened in January 2006. The Clark Center houses many areas critical to the success of the College such as the classrooms, laboratories, common areas, bookstore, library, computer lab, student health center, fitness center, and student center. In August 2007, students were able to enjoy the convenience of on-campus living at Josie’s Village.

The physical campus was expanded in 2010 with the purchase of two story, 10,000 square foot building which serves as the Alumni Center and houses the Professional Development and Continuing Education Division.

In August 2016, the 501 Center, a 17,000 square foot building that adjoins the Alumni Center, opened to provide additional classrooms, multi-purpose science lab, an energized radiography lab, expanded sonography lab, faculty offices, student engagement space, and an expanded student health center. This property also provides the college with Dodge Street exposure for increased visibility to the Omaha community. An additional building, just south of the NMC campus housing, which also has Dodge Street exposure was purchased in 2015 and has been demolished and will serve as the location for new construction.


On-Campus Maps
Click above to see our the location of our campus facilities, classrooms and labs.

Building Map
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Walking Map
We encourage our employees to get up and walk! If you have a day full of meetings then try a walking meeting!

Fun Facts: The longest walk around the world was completed by a former neon-sign salesman, Jean Beliveau. He walked 46,600 miles around 64 countries. The trip took him 11 years. Johanson, Mark. “Canadian Man Walks around the World in 11 Years.” International Business Times. October 18, 2011. Accessed: December 26, 2012.

We are affiliated with Nebraska Methodist Health System.


The NMC Bookstore is a one-stop-shop for great NMC Gear with everything from hoodies and tees to baseball caps and leggings. You can even find lotion and umbrellas! It is located on the first floor of the Clark building and serves students, faculty, alumni, and staff.

Both on-campus and online students can easily obtain their books through our convenient online bookstore. A link from the NMC website directs students to a site that allows them to view each of their courses and any course materials required or recommended. The site also give the student the option, in most cases, to select a new, used or an electronic version of their course materials. Many books are also available to rent. Employees and students can also purchase office supplies, student uniforms, lab coats, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and other clinical supplies.

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Deja Brew

Check out Deja Brew, our campus cafe and dining area which are located on the first floor of the Clark Center. During the fall and spring semesters, meals are catered from various restaurants.

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Fitness Facility

We welcome you to our fitness center. We are located on the first floor of the Alumni building and serves students, faculty and staff. To access the facility please complete the NMC Fitness Center Liability Form.

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Visit our Library

We are located on the first floor of the Clark building and serves students, faculty, alumni, and staff. Unquestionably the most fun fact about John Moritz Library is the knowledge among NMC students that they will always find a basketful of chocolate candy near the front door.

A second fun fact — Librarians no longer stamp due dates on book cards. “Impossible,” you say. “If you don’t stamp due dates, then what do you do?”

We spend a fair amount of money, nearly a quarter million dollars every year, on electronic resources. We set up proxy and IP access to each resource and then test the reliability of all relevant access points, e.g. A-to-Z journal list, website database list, LibGuides, etc. As a result of this painstaking background work, NMC students, faculty, and staff are viewing roughly 110,000 full-text articles per year.

We invest a lot of time in helping students locate peer-reviewed articles, statistical data, and the like for their papers and presentations. A student does not know how to find a qualitative study. We show her how. A student needs to find the best evidence to answer a PICO question. We advise him how to develop a coherent, effective, and comprehensive search strategy. Another student needs to find articles on a particular Caritas Process. We coax her to put her critical thinking skills to work to find articles relevant to her assigned process.

What happens when a student finds what promises to be a great article for his assignment but we do not have a subscription? He fills out an interlibrary loan form and a PDF hits his Inbox often within 24 -48 hours and usually for free. Through ILL other libraries provided 1,100 articles to our clientele last year and because we take our commitments to the process seriously, we supplied 1,200 articles and books to folks at other friendly libraries. No student should ever fall prey to the publisher who says, “But this article now!” Cost for this service is running between $30 and $50 per article.

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