Events + Gatherings: NMC Celebrates You

Purpose: NMC Celebrates you by fostering a spirit of celebration and recognition throughout your journey.

Core Value: Excellence

At the college we believe that it is most important to have fun, laugh, and create memories with the people you spend many hours a week with. Below are some of our main events;

  • March Mania – A time for faculty, staff and students to come together for food, fun, and games to kick off the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • Free Massages – Provided to faculty, staff, and students by the Physical Therapist Assistant students in January of each year.
  • Family Days BBQ – A barbecue provided for employees and their family as a “welcome back” and kickoff into the fall semester. A day of inclusiveness to allow families to get together, relax, and have fun. A family fun day is a great way of saying “thank you” and “you matter”.
  • Spirit Days – A monthly event to wear NMC gear and show off our Nebraska Methodist College spirit.
  • Volunteer Days – An opportunity for NMC employees to collectively give back to the community.
  • Forum – All faculty and staff come together three times a year for a day of updates on the college strategic planning. Best of all- breakfast and lunch are provided.
  • MHS Holiday Lunch – A complimentary lunch is provided for employees to celebrate the holiday season.

A Story That Matters

A year or two after I started, Deb, Dennis and I were putting the agenda together for Forum. They wanted to do something uplifting and special. They mentioned a set of videos that the College presented to all employees years ago, called “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” DeWitt Jones, long time decorated photographer of National Geographic, took what he knew of the world, combined with his positive look-at-the-world-in-a-positive-fashion point of view and created a series of videos. We showed the initial video at the January Forum, and continued a year of ‘celebration’ showing succeeding videos at the next three Forums, bringing the year to a close when we sponsored the final video at our first Forum at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

This initiative was so successful, the College continued that mindset, of Celebrating What’s Right. I believe this initiative helped people be in a place in which You Matter was a natural next step. This is the place I work. This is why I continue to work here. Every day we try to celebrate what is right with the world! -Cathy Beck