Recognition: NMC Celebrates You

Purpose: NMC Celebrates you by fostering a spirit of celebration and recognition throughout your journey.

Core Value: Excellence

NMC Recognition

Dove Recognition

Demonstrating Organizational Values Everyday! Celebrating employees throughout NMC that embody our core values, and go above and beyond the expected: Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning, and Respect.

Click Here to submit a Dove Award. Select the core value that best suites the action for recognition. If you would like to submit for more than one core value then submit a nomination for each core value. Those nominated for more than one core value will be in the running for the Jean Beyer award.

2018 Winners:

  • December – Lane Sidebottom
  • November – Matt Stockfeld
  • October – Becca Bouckaert
  • September – Samantha Barnhart
  • August – Heather Henrichs
  • July – Barbara Pereira
  • June – Jenn Young
  • May – Felicia Dailey
  • April – Lynette Hughes
  • March – Amy Bliemeister
  • February – Marlin Schaich
  • January – Katie Meints

Peer Employee Recognition – Personal Preferences

As a part of our culture, we encourage you to thank the people around you for the hard work that they do. We all impact each other. Hand write a thank you note or click below for all employees favorite preferences from a candy bar to their favorite color! Maybe it is your co-worker’s Birthday and you would like to celebrate them by buying them their favorite soda!

Click Here to open the Employee Preference document.

Click Here if you are not on the document and would like to be.


Welcome New Employees!

We believe that each person employed at NMC has the potential to make a positive impact on our learning community.  We give you this small gift to acknowledge the individual contribution and the potential that you represent.

We picked the heart shaped crystal because it represents one of the most important Core Values at the College – Caring.  It is also a part of our Methodist culture represented in our logo of the heart and dove.  Each one reflects differently as it moves in the changing light.  The point is, this crystal is symbolic of each of us here at NMC, we have the same caring heart, and when the light shines on each crystal, the same beautiful rainbow of colors is displayed.

We ask that you put this crystal in a place where you will see it frequently, enjoy the colors of the rainbow, and be reminded that you are cared for at NMC and that we believe in you.  Know that you are important and appreciated, and that there are no limits to the brightness of our collective rainbow when our DREAMS are realized.

As we move forward, let this crystal serve as a symbol to represent: Our Caring, Our Dreams, Our Diversity, Our Excellence, Our Communities, and the Strength of our Past.

Deb Carlson



NMC Years of Service

Honoring the milestone anniversaries of all employees, their hard work, and dedication whom have reached their 1 year and then incremental 5-year employment.


A Story That Matters

A year or two after I started, Deb, Dennis and I were putting the agenda together for Forum. They wanted to do something uplifting and special. They mentioned a set of videos that the College presented to all employees years ago, called “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” DeWitt Jones, long time decorated photographer of National Geographic, took what he knew of the world, combined with his positive look-at-the-world-in-a-positive-fashion point of view and created a series of videos. We showed the initial video at the January Forum, and continued a year of ‘celebration’ showing succeeding videos at the next three Forums, bringing the year to a close when we sponsored the final video at our first Forum at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

This initiative was so successful, the College continued that mindset, of Celebrating What’s Right. I believe this initiative helped people be in a place in which You Matter was a natural next step. This is the place I work. This is why I continue to work here. Every day we try to celebrate what is right with the world! -Cathy Beck