About You Matter: The Work You Do MATTERS


All employees of NMC are integral to the success of the institution and our students. NMC desires to cultivate highly engaged employees and YOU MATTER is NMC’s employee engagement program. During NMC’s Veteran’s Day tribute, keynote speaker Chaplain Major Jonathan D. Wymer spoke the words, “The work you do MATTERS” and inspired the college community to bring the YOU MATTER employee engagement program to fruition. The simple phase captured NMC’s belief that “If work matters, teams naturally form. If work matters, people want to do their best.”
At NMC, our mission and core values are engrained in our culture and NMC believes in the impact our employees have on our students, the college, and the community. YOU MATTER involves employee contributors spanning across the college community. The program is led by a Steering Committee and includes five subcommittees: Hiring, On-boarding, Growth, Celebrate, and Off-boarding. The Steering Committee and five subcommittees are committed to ensuring the successful journey for employees here at NMC. In addition to the amazing people, You Matter also heavily utilizes two toolsets: Clifton Strengths Finder and The Pacific Institute (TPI) – Mindset Training. Please enjoy TPI’s blog below.


Winner’s Circle – Pacific Institute

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A Story That Matters

As an alumni of both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, I undoubtedly knew that I wanted to be a part of the NMC culture well into my career. I am now a faculty member of the undergraduate nursing program and am proud to say Nebraska Methodist College embraces a culture of respect, holism, inclusivity, and growth. This culture is evident in every day business here at the college, from admissions to academics and administration. Smiles, encouragement, support, respect, and passion are just a few words to describe the how the culture is evident in day to day business among staff and faculty.

Kiley Petersen MSN, RN, CPEN, CPN
Assistant Professor-Nursing