Helpful Resources: Hiring Top Talent

Purpose: The heart and soul of NMC are the people, we hire top talent who live the meaning of care.

Core Value: Caring

Helpful Resources

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  • Hiring Checklist – When the time comes for you to find the next, highly-qualified addition to your team, follow this guide to be sure that you have all the information you need.
  • Hiring Checklist Key – Detailed information to supplement the above checklist.
  • Position Manager  – Web-based applicant tracking system that will be beneficial to applicants, recruiters and hiring managers at the Methodist Health System.
  • Performance Manager – Allows managers to maintain job descriptions in a centralized location with change support provided by Human Resources, complete online performance appraisals based on the job description and receive automated email notifications when tasks are done.

Protocol for Interviewing Types

There are many types of interviews you can employ depending on the position level to gain information to make the best hiring decision. Some items to consider are the type of position you wish to fill, the number of candidates you wish to evaluate, the level of the candidates and the number of people that will be involved with the interviewing process. You may also have to consider where your candidates are located and what availability they may have to interview.

Some Types of Interviews

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  • Single, one-on-one Interview
  • Serial, you want the candidate to interview with more than one person.
  • Panel Interview
  • Presentation
  • Phone

Interview Questions

Candidate Rating Forms with Scales and Desired Responses

A Story That Matters

From the beginning of my application process through hiring I was blown away by NMC! The application process online, phone interviews and in-person interviews all went smoothly. (two weeks from when I filled out the application to being hired) The woman who hired me, Lori Gigliotti went above and beyond to make sure I felt informed and prepared. She kept in touch with me over email and phone calls to ensure I was excited and prepared for my first day at work. I could tell from the first time I talked to her on the phone that she really cared about the people she hired. Because of her and what she saw in me, I am here today!

On my first day of work, my office was set up with a computer, phone, pens, etc. My boss Will Roberts also had flowers and a welcome card for me. I can’t tell you how much those little things still mean to me! Starting off at NMC already feeling appreciated and cared for really set me up for success from day 1. I am beyond grateful! -Sara Ferguson